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Private Member’s Bill seeks to free Muslim women from Child-Marriage

Muslim women’s rights activists say that the private member’s Bills drafted by MP Thusitha Wijemanna which seeks to introduce a minimum age of marriage for all Sri Lankans is a positive sign for the victims of the MMDA.

Resource package on Gender-based violence launched for health sector officials

The Ministry of Health, with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), recently launched a resource package on the ‘Health Sector Response to Prevention and Management of Gender-based Violence’ with the intention of improving health sector engagement with the survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Sri Lanka. Issuing a statement, UNPFA said that […]

No school books and uniforms – Women’s Group

Women for Rights, a women’s rights group affiliated with JVP today (18) said that Government has failed to provide school uniforms and textbooks for the students on time.

Islamophobia in Sri Lanka: Muslim women pushed to the margins

Muslim women became victims of the Islamophobia that swept the country after Muslim extremists launched suicide bomb attacks on three churches and three five-star hotels this Easter (2019).

Public transport: 90% of women face harassment but less than 4% complain

While over 90% women are victims of gender-based violence in public transport, fewer than 4% seek legal recourse, a gender equality advocacy group said.

An uplifting policy statement

The hullabaloo over sanitary pads has served a salutary purpose. It has exposed our collective confusion over what is ‘poverty’ and what is ‘development’.

Women seek a quarter of Cabinet posts

The Women and Media Collective, a group of women’s rights activists presented a manifesto to candidates at the upcoming Presidential elections today (17), on behalf of all women in Sri Lanka.

Muslim women urge reforms to ‘unjust, Man-made’ laws

A collective of Muslim women activists representing different organizations, called for immediate reform of the Muslim Marriage Divorce Act (MMDA), which they said is an Act which causes ‘grave injustices’ to Muslim women in Sri Lanka.

Website launched to combat cyberbullying

A new website called "Hithawathi" or "Confidante" to combat cyberbullying was launched at the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) on Tuesday (02nd July 2019).

Unmonitored microcredit lending a burden on rural women – CEPA

The Center for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), a research institute based in Colombo, points out that the unsupervised process of micro credit lending and microfinance activities have resulted the rise of many socio-economic problems among rural women in Sri Lanka.

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