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UK awaiting more info from SL on human remains found in waste containers

The British Government has officially sought information from Sri Lankan authorities into the alleged discovery of human remains in shipping containers sent to Sri Lanka from the UK.

UK Security experts in Sri Lanka this week

A delegation of Protective Security Experts from the UK, including experts from London’s Metropolitan Police Service, is in Sri Lanka this week, British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, James Dauris said.

Not in our name – UK MPs, interfaith leaders and Lankan diaspora

Sri Lankan British community representatives and religious leaders along with UK parliamentarians together denounced the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka at an interfaith meeting held in the House of Lords, Westminister, on Monday (29 April).

UK to introduce waste-to-electricity system in SL

The United Kingdom has agreed to introduce a system to Sri Lanka to generate electricity using waste materials as a solution for the possible power crisis that could take place in the future.