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Bonavista coral reef at risk from possible oil spill

One of Sri Lanka's most pristine marine environments, the Bonavista Coral reef, is in danger of being hit by an oil spill, the General Manager of the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) Dr. Teney Pradeep Kumara told RepublicNext today July 19.

Cyclone ‘FANI’ departs, strong winds and heavy rain continue

The "severe" cyclonic storm ‘FANI’ is moving away from Sri Lanka towards Odisha on the Indian coast, the Department of Metrology said today (02).

Strong winds and heavy rain to continue as ‘FANI’ intensifies

Showers and winds will increase over the island over the following days as the severe cyclonic storm ‘FANI’ continues to intensify

Strong winds and heavy rain expected as ‘FANI’ intensifies

Strong winds and heavy showers are expected all over the island today (29) and tomorrow as the cyclonic storm FANI (pronounced ‘Foni’) intensifies