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Shafi case; Kurunegala hospital director complains against CID

Director of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital Sarath Weerabandara has complained against the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)alleging that officers had obstructed his duties when they had come to the hospital to probe the Shafi case on July 3.

TV Channels ordered to provide Rathana tape to Police

The Kurunegala Magistrate has issued a court order directing the Hiru and Derana Television channels to release unedited tapes of the MP Athureliye Rathana Thero allegedly making a threatening statement against a senior CID officer.

Shafi case; Journalists want Kurunegala Magistrate investigated

Sri Lanka Young Journalists Association (SLYJA) is seeking an investigation into the conduct of the Kurunegala Magistrate Sampath Hewawasam in the case of Senior House officer of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital Dr Segu Shihabdeen Mohamed Shafi.

Victor Ivan breathes fire on corrupt, unethical media

Chastising the mainstream media for its allegedly unethical conduct, veteran journalist Victor Ivan yesterday (17 July) warned that the country’s journalistic fraternity is in danger of facing public retaliation.

Sri Lanka top cop on the mat over sterilisation scare

The senior-most police officer in the North-Western province is under investigation for attempting to cause racial hatred by planting reports of mass sterilization taking place at the Kurunegala teaching hospital, a police official said.