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Presidential Elections 2020

Elpitiya result; A wake-up call

Jehan Perera argues that the result of the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha shows that "" only a maximum alliance of like-minded parties and groups will be able to match the juggernaut of the SLPP"

ULF may back Sajith

The United Left Front is likely to change its stance at the Presidential elections and back the candidacy of Sajith Premadasa in response to representations made by its grassroots organisations,

No trial for Gota during the campaign

This allows Gotabaya to campaign for the election without the distraction of the trial, and in case he wins and becomes President the case will go into abeyance as the President has automatic immunity from these trials.

Clergy should stay away from politics – Cardinal

Speaking in Colombo today he said that the clergy is present at all events, meetings and announcements “seated on the stage like Flower-pots.”

Sajith offers a populist agenda at inaugural rally

Premadasa launched his campaign at Galle face in Colombo, projecting his populist agenda and promising to appoint Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka to deal with National Security and the drug menace.

SLFP yields

The SLFP formally announced its decision today to back the candidate of its biggest breakaway faction-turned rival party yet, in the upcoming presidential election.

Debt and lack of resources cause rural poverty – AKD

Crippling personal debt and the lack of basic resources to carry on an agricultural livelihood are being identified by the National People’s Movement as the biggest issues facing Rural Sri Lankans.

Its going to be a plus-sized Presidential poll – Deshapriya

The largest-ever number of candidates for next month’s Presidential election means an outsize poll that will need some plus-sized facilities,

The SLFP is in deep crisis

"SLFP “is in the mood to extinct itself. It is facing a crisis and this leadership cannot find a way out.”

Bridgebuilding by Civil Society

Issues of ethnic and religious nationalism, national security and the importance of strong leadership to deal with terrorism will take centre stage in th upcoming elections

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