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Sirisena hits the road; is this a campaign for the Presidency?

President is declaring new buildings open, inaugurating new projects and greeting people across the country

President declares open a hostel for Monks in Aranaganwila/Udesh Guneratne President’s Media

President Maithripala Sirisena is hitting the road these days declaring open new buildings,opening schools, various religious institutions and suchlike in several parts of the country.

On Friday he was in Puttalam where he distributed agricultural equipment, water purification kits, wheelchairs as well as deeds to Government land.

Earlier in the day he declared open a Vocational Training Institute called “Smart Sri Lanka” also in Puttalam.  

On these trips he was accompanied by local Governors, Chief Ministers as well as Members of Parliament from all political parties.

On Thursday the President was in Aranaganwila in the Polonnaruwa district where he declared open the 139 million Rupee water supply scheme for the area.

These projects are being developed under the #Ekatasitimu banner which is widely seen as part of a probable campaign for a second Presidential term for Sirisena

Similar events are to take place in the Maharagama area this week with the participation of the Western Province’s Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya.