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Couldn’t declare assets on time due to confusion over submission place – Harin

Harin Fernando /

Telecommunication Minister Harin Fernando claimed today that he was unable to handover his asset declaration documents to the Presidential Secretariat on time due to confusion over the place of submission.

Fernando’s name was among a list of ruling-party heavyweights who had not declared their assets, as detailed by Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) yesterday.

In a letter written to TISL dated 10 September, the Minister said there was confusion as to where his documents should be sent and were then handed over to the Secretary General of Parliament.

“However, please be informed that all documents have been submitted to the Secretary General of Parliament and the Presidential Secretariat as of now,” wrote Fernando.

TISL wrote back to the Minister, acknowledging the receipt of his letter and declaration of assets and liabilities enclosed with it.

TISL tweeted copies of both letters this morning, praising Fernando’s “prompt response”.