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International Relations

Sri Lanka thanks the Council for consensus approach.

Full statement by head of Sri Lanka delegation at the Human Rights Council on adoption of he Resolution

Sri Lanka to make “roll over” bid at Human Rights Council

Sri Lanka will pitch their proposal to get another two years to fulfill its promises made four years ago of post-war transitional justice and accountability in a resolution co-sponsored by Colombo and moved by the UK, Canada and Germany at the United Nations Human Rights Council's 40th session today (Thursday).

Amnesty backs UNHRC reports

Amnesty International calls on the government to speed up reconciliation efforts and backs UNHRC report

UN says Sri Lanka leadership lacks “common vision”

UN human rights chief says Sri Lanka has failed to fully implement its commitments to ensure accountability.

Black Money threat to Human Rights in Sri Lanka – UN

" No study on or official estimation of illicit outflows or inflows has been conducted to date in Sri Lanka.”

Lanka rejects war crimes courts with foreign judges

Sri Lanka which is yet to fulfill most of the promises made to the UN with regard to post-war reconciliation has rejected foreign judges in war crimes courts

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