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President orders quick release of NE lands

President Maithripala Sirisena is claiming that the release of military acquired lands in the North and East has quickened after the Special Task force for the development of North and East Provinces was set up.

In a media statement the Presidential Secretariat said the Task Force has been instrumental in releasing 6,951 acres of land occupied by the military and 475 acres are to be handed back to their owners shortly.

The Presidential Task Force met with President Sirisena yesterday (03) at the Parliamentary premises. It was established by the President in last August with the intention of expediting the development of the Northern and Eastern provinces.

At the end of the conflict in 2009, nearly 84,675 acres of land in the North and the East remained with the security forces. At present, 71,178 acres out of the total land area of 84,675 acres have been released.

Accordingly, 13,497 acres of land is in the custody of the security forces, of which 11,039 acres of land are state owned lands. Eighty-one percent of the state owned lands and 90 per cent of the private lands have been released at present.

The President also instructed the officials to accelerate the release of the rest of the lands and expedite the payment of compensation.