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Human Rights

Muslim traders back at Wennppuwa fair

Muslim traders will be welcomed back at the Wennappuwa weekly fair from Monday after the local Magistrate accepted a police plea that no-one should be excluded because of their race or ethnicity.

United Nations concerned about growing hate speech in Sri Lanka

The top United Nations official in Sri Lanka, Hanaa Singer, is expressing concern about the growing number of “incidents of hate speech being used in Sri Lanka against ethnic and religious minorities.”

Storm of reaction to death penalty

The reaction to Sri Lanka’s decision to resume executing prisoners on death row has been almost universally negative, with sources varying from the government of the United Kingdom to billionaire businessman Richard Branson condemning the move.

No grudge against Muslims; only wanted to ensure peace – Wennapuwa PS Chairman

Chairman of the Wennappuwa Pradeshiya Sabha Susantha Perera, whose controversial decision to ban Muslims from trading at the Dankotuwa Sathipola (weekly fair) sparked outrage and resulted in a court order yesterday, is defending his action.

Wennappuwa PS bans Muslim traders from Sathipola

The Wennappuwa Pradeshiya Sabha has temporarily banned local Muslim traders from trading at the Dankotuwa 'Sathipola’ (weekly fair).

Shafi case: FR petition filed today

Lawyers for Dr Shafi Shihabdeen who is at the centre of the controversy regarding the alleged sterilization of women patients filed a Fundamental Rights application on his behalf today before the Supreme Court.

Court Petitions challenge pardoning of Gnanasara

Two petitions asking for a review of the Presidential Pardon of Galagodaththe Gnanasara Thero are before the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.

Sad and angry youth leaders call for justice

They mourned the dead, and they called for justice for the victims.

Activist asks HRC to inquire into Police lapses in Easter attacks

A Human Rights activist is asking the Human Rights Council of Sri Lanka to inquire as to why the Police has not conducted an inquiry into its lapses over the Easter Sunday attacks.

Chandrika gets top award

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge will receive this year’s Common Ground Award given by the United Kingdom and Search for Common Ground.

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