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Human Rights

Army proud of HRCSL work

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka is vetting thousands of applications for Peacekeeping from the three Armed Forces and Police

Sri Lankan Peacekeepers are deployed in three countries/

The Sri Lanka Army is praising the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka for its work in vetting soldiers for United Nations Peacekeeping duties.

In a Press Release issued today (27) the Army said as Sri Lankans “we should be proud of the HRCSL as the UN has chosen a domestic mechanism to vett the soldiers.”

The release pointed out that the HRCSL has to screen thousands of applicants for Peacekeeping duties from all three Armed forces and the Police.

At present there are more than 400 Sri Lankan troops engaged in Peacekeeping duties in Lebanon, South Sudan and Mali. In addition there are 35 officers deployed as Military Observers and  performing other duties at the UN headquarters in New York.