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Daily downpour to continue; over 30,000 people affected

More than 30,000 people belonging to some 9,000 families have been affected by the adverse weather conditions prevalent across the island over the past few days

Over 14,000 people affected by adverse weather

A total of 14,164 people from 4,153 families have been affected by the adverse weather conditions prevalent across the island, the DMC said today.

Cabinet to ban oil palm cultivation

The Cabinet has decided to uphold a decision by the previous government to ban oil palm cultivation in Sri Lanka citing environmental impact.

Tornado damages 17 homes in Galle

Some 17 houses were partially damaged after a small tornado hit Medakimbiya area in Wanduramba, Galle, last afternoon (19), the DMC said.

Six dead, hundreds stranded due to heavy rains; more showers expected

The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) reports that six people died in intemperate weather yesterday, with 12 reported injured across the island.

Registering tamed elephants: Conservationists cry foul over Cabinet paper

Conservationists and animal rights groups are up in arms over an alleged Cabinet proposal to release illegally captured baby elephants back to their captors.

Shambolic mitigation methods worsening Human-Elephant Conflict

Unorganized methods of mitigating the Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC), has resulted in increasing the conflict over the decades other than providing a solution.

Seven elephants died of poisoning – Minister

Officials agree that the elephants were poisoned but are yet to discover whether it was a biological or an artificial substance that felled these magnificent creatures

Provide immediate relief to flood victims, instructs President

President Maithripala Sirisena instructed govt officials to take immediate measures to distribute relief packages for those affected by the heavy rains.

Developing story – Heavy rains: Thousands affected as red warning issued

Thousands continue to be affected as many parts of the island are inundated with seemingly ceaseless rain since Sunday.

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