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Tripping over the power crisis – an explainer

As Sri Lanka’s power crisis enters into its second week, leaving paying customers in the dark both literally and figuratively, the blame game is about to reach a fever pitch. This is a breakdown of the crisis.

Is Mahinda leading Sirisena down the Garden Path?

The future Presidential election may become a three-way Donnybrook if the Prime Minister, the President and an SLPP candidate runs

Vajira the consummate Artiste

Vajira Chitrasena, doyenne of traditional dancing and groundbreaking artiste celebrated her 87th birthday on March 15

Ignorance and corruption bedevils state enterprises

Rampant corruption, mismanagement and ignorance is ruining State Owned Enterprises says the Advocata Institute

Corruption and patronage culture rampant

Successive Sri Lankan governments have pumped a colossal Rs.1,150 billion into the upkeep of these SOEs up to 2017.

Ability of Parliamentary Committees questionable – Advocata

The Advocata Institute, a Colombo-based think tank, is questioning the ability of various oversight committees set up by Parliament to look into governance issues in Sri Lanka.

US honours Sri Lanka’s Marini de Livera for social justice leadership

Marini de Livera, former chairperson of the National Child Protection Authority, received the International Women of Courage (IWOC) award.

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