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A word to the moderates

On the importance of constructive engagement in the face of growing hostility.

Rearview of a Carnage

Terror takes tolerance hostage. The purpose of terror is to undermine our tolerant way of life. What motivates the perpetrators of terror?

Easter Sunday Massacre happened because minorities don’t matter

Officials had the information but did nothing to prevent attacks because minorities don't matter

Sathyodaya – Ven Walpola Rahula’s way of the Dhamma

On Friday, March 29, the Walpola Rahula Institute (WRI) launched the English Translation of the Ven. Walpola Rahula (Ven Rahula)’s famous treatise “Truth Awakening.” Originally published in Sinhalese in 1993 under the title “Sathyodaya”, the Chairman of the WRI, the Venerable Galkande Dhammananda Thero (VDT), student of Ven Rahula commissioned an English translation. This has […]

Sirisena’s strongman presidential campaign in full swing

President Sirisena is campaigning hard for a second term, but he needs a party to back him

Lifelong support: Autism spectrum disorder beyond childhood in Sri Lanka

Awareness of ASD is slowly rising in the country, but there is much work to be done, and critical blind spots remain.

Tripping over the power crisis – an explainer

As Sri Lanka’s power crisis enters into its second week, leaving paying customers in the dark both literally and figuratively, the blame game is about to reach a fever pitch. This is a breakdown of the crisis.

Is Mahinda leading Sirisena down the Garden Path?

The future Presidential election may become a three-way Donnybrook if the Prime Minister, the President and an SLPP candidate runs

Vajira the consummate Artiste

Vajira Chitrasena, doyenne of traditional dancing and groundbreaking artiste celebrated her 87th birthday on March 15

Ignorance and corruption bedevils state enterprises

Rampant corruption, mismanagement and ignorance is ruining State Owned Enterprises says the Advocata Institute

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