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Switzerland and Sri Lanka to calm matters down

They have been eyeball to eyeball, staring each other down over the past month, but as of this week, Sri Lanka and Switzerland will begin the long-slow dance to step back from further confrontation towards normalizing relations.

Seth FM – Radio that heals

Seth FM the local community Radio station that operates from the Katuwapitiya area became the nodal point after the Easter Sunday attacks and helped heal the traumatised community

The Challenge to reunify a divided polity

Buddhist Monks greeting Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the election camaign/SLPP Media

Reconciliation efforts in fractured Digana

The multi-ethnic and multi-religious region of Digana, Pallekelle and Balagolla in the Kandy district is a tinder-box with simmering ethnic tensions ready to explode into racial riots,

Is the Media behaving like the Wild Ass?

Media in Sri Lanka becomes very controversial during election times, and allegations of bias, malicious reporting and fake news become as common as Tuk-tuks on the streets of Colombo.

Politics of Memory

It was a ‘Brobdingnagian’ display of popular solidarity behind candidate Sajith Premadasa. What took place on Thursday at the Galle face Maidan was a masterly managed exercise of crowd psychology.

Elpitiya result; A wake-up call

Jehan Perera argues that the result of the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha shows that "" only a maximum alliance of like-minded parties and groups will be able to match the juggernaut of the SLPP"

Bridgebuilding by Civil Society

Issues of ethnic and religious nationalism, national security and the importance of strong leadership to deal with terrorism will take centre stage in th upcoming elections

Premadasa, Père et fils

A reminder of how President Ranasinghe Premadasa used the unfettered power of the Executive Presidency to build a patronage culture and is that what his son wants to do as well?

Making the best use of Sri Lanka’s strategic location

The challenge to Sri Lanka is how to maximize the benefit to itself from the competition between global powers in the Indian Ocean without being overwhelmed by pressures that may be brought to bear upon it.

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