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The Battle for the Sinhala Right-Wing voter

As we enter into the election year and matters get serious we can see a battle being waged for the Sinhala Right-Wing vote.

Preserving the Buddhist identity: Back to basics

Let us establish one ground rule for this exposition. As the Buddha himself requested just prior to parinibbana, let his noble teaching be our master in this discussion.

Universalism versus tribalism

The most venerable Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana thero Mahanayake of the Asgiriya chapter has announced that his recent remarks, have been misconstrued and distorted.

A Sermon on Stoning

In Sri Lanka, we are trapped in a new Stone-age. An age of stoning. Or to be precise, we are now in an age fascinated with the idea of stoning people to death.

Mangala, Monks, Mangala Sutta, and Marx

In the Buddhist belief system, “Mangala” means a ‘blessing’. In the abstract ‘Mangala’ denotes an “auspicious sign".

Stopping Islamophobia: Reassure the public and restore law and order.

The senseless attacks on Easter Sunday shook the nation and sparked a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria that is in danger of going out of control.

Is the harvest of the carnage a Candidate?

Of what purpose are courts, judges and the law.

President Sirisena Dead Man walking?

Maithripala Sirisena, the sixth executive president is the ‘title’ and the subject of this essay.

A word to the moderates

On the importance of constructive engagement in the face of growing hostility.

Rearview of a Carnage

Terror takes tolerance hostage. The purpose of terror is to undermine our tolerant way of life. What motivates the perpetrators of terror?

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