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Social Programs important says Ranil

PM says the country needs Social Programs to care for the elderly and those do not succeed in the competitive economy

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe at the Social Development Institute Awards/PMSLMedia

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says his government’s aim is to make Sri Lanka a highly competitive Social Market Economy.

Wickremesinghe was speaking at the annual award ceremony of the National Social Development Institute in Colombo on Friday.

The government he said was working towards creating a highly competitive economy such as in some countries in the West. “But in those cases everyone cannot be successful and we have to create social programs to help those who cannot succeed.”

He said as a country we must be aware of social problems that are created in our society. “Our people are ageing and we must be prepared to deal with large numbers of elderly people needing care.”

“We also have social problems where students who do not succeed tend to get depressed and suicidal,” he said.

Wickremesinghe is also calling on Universities to become centers of research and innovation in addition to providing degree certification.

The Prime Minister said that the country was deeply burdened with debt, but the government will continue to allocate the necessary funds for education.

He went on to say that the Institute has developed in recent years to include departments dedicated to women and children.

He however bemoaned the fact that the modern family is often scattered and does not even gather for a meal.

In those days the family members looked after each other, today it is not so, he pointed out.

“In these days one member of the family maybe in Dubai, another may be in Korea, because of this the family institution has become dysfunctional. Sometimes all three meals of the family are take-away from a restaurant,” he added.