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Tuk drivers demand regulatory body, accuse Minister of buying time

Three-wheeler unions have requested Transport Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera to establish a provincial-level regulatory authority for three-wheelers.

Eateries, restaurants, bakeries not passing on tax relief to consumers – IRD

Many restaurants, roadside eateries and bakeries do not pass on to end consumers the relief afforded to them by recent tax concessions, the IRD said today.

Govt guarantees price control for rice, but no such luck for vegetable prices

The government has guaranteed a price control for rice, but according to a spokesman, no such control will be possible for vegetable prices.

SL has stocks of fuel to draw if war breaks out in the Gulf -CPC

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) states that there is sufficient stock of fuel in-store to supply without any shortage even if the fuel supply to Sri Lanka get affected due to the ongoing tensions in the Gulf region.

Sri Lanka faces power cut risks by end March

Sri Lanka could face power cuts by March after a coal plant which was about to be built was cancelled under environmentalist pressure.

Improved services at Werahera DMV since President’s surprise visit – Transport Minister

Services at the Werahera Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have improved since the President's recent visit, Transport Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

Medical exams for drivers; government will decentralise the operation

The National Medical Transport Institute has decided to set up 3 new regional units make it easy for applicants for drivers licenses to get their medicals done without having to come to Colombo.

Most Sri Lankans will not pay more to protect local industries – Advocata

Fifty-seven per cent of Sri Lankans are unwilling to pay extra to purchase food even if doing so would protect the local agricultural industry, Advocata Institute said.

Rice shortage: “Not my fault,” says Dudley Sirisena

Rice Mogul Dudley Sirisena is blaming a lack of proper regulation and planning on the part of the authorities for the shortage of the essential commodity on the market and the resultant higher prices.

Cheaper potatoes on the market

The price of potatoes should come down in the marketplace as the government has cut the special commodity levy imposed on imports of the tuber by half.

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