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Azerbaijan tragedy: Remains of Lankan students to be repatriated

Postmortems of the three Sri Lankan university students who died in a fire in Azerbaijan last Thursday have been completed, the Foreign Ministry said.

136 visa overstayers busted

In an islandwide search operation that began Sunday night, the police arrested 136 foreign nationals for overstaying their visa.

Badulla bus accident kills 8, injures 40

An accident in Badulla killed eight people and injured 40 yesterday when an SLTB bus fell a precipice on the Passara–Madulsim, Badulla police said.

Army to investigate illegal sand mining

The Cabinet has approved a proposal by Environment Minister S M Chandrasena to investigate complaints of illegal sand mining.

SLAF fixed-wing craft crashes killing four in Haputale

A fixed-wing Y-12 aircraft belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has crashed in Haputale killing four, Air Force Spokesman Group Captain M.A.D.G. Seneviratne told RepublicNext.

Swiss Embassy staffer granted bail

Garnier Banister Francis the Visa Assistant at the Swiss Embassy who was arrested for bringing disrepute to the government was granted bail by Colombo's Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne today.

Pakistani asylum seeker found dead in Negombo

A 49-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker registered with the UNHCR initiative was found dead in Negombo last night with multiple cut injuries.

Southern Expressway accident kills four including three foreigners

Four people including three foreigners were killed and another two injured in an accident that occurred on the Southern Expressway near Kurundugaha Hethekma last night (23).

Eknaligoda disappearance trial to begin Feb 20

The trial of 10 Military Intelligence officers over the alleged enforced disappearance of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda will begin on February 20, the three-member Colombo Special Trial-at-Bar decided today Dec 18.

Uber driver released on bail after aggravated assault on passenger

An Uber driver who slammed a passenger against his vehicle and left him unconscious on the roadside was bailed out after the case was heard in court today.

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