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Carlo no more

Renowned physician, scholar and outspoken rationalist Prof. Carlo Fonseka passed away in Colombo today.

Emergency lifted with proviso to deploy forces

The government has allowed the Emergency Regulations to lapse five months after they were imposed in the wake of the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks and three months after racist mob violence hit several urban areas.

Lt General Shavendra Silva new Army Commander – “US deeply concerned”

President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to appoint Major General Shavendra Silva as the country’s new Army Commander upon the retirement of Lt General Mahesh Senanayake who ended his term yesterday August 18.

Katuwapitiya tense after stone attack

Police are investigating after an unknown person threw a stone at the statue of St Sebastian at Katuwapitiya junction in the early hours of this morning.

Government MPs asked to rush to Parliament

All United National Front Members of Parliament are rushing to the House after the party leadership said they should be in their seats lest a vote on the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) be taken before the scheduled time of 6.30 pm today July 11.

Supreme Court stops executions until Oct 30

The Supreme Court which today heard 12 Fundamental Rights petitions challenging the death penalty, suspended executions until October 30 this year.

Prison Department yet to receive death warrants – Commissioner

The Prisons Department told the Court of Appeal on Friday July 5 that it is yet to receive the orders to execute any prisoners on death row.