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About Arjuna Ranawana

Arjuna is a senior journalist who has worked as a reporter, editor, and manager in print, broadcast and convergent newsrooms in five countries over the past four decades.

He has been a foreign correspondent stationed in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Malaysia and worked as Copy Editor, News Anchor and News manager in Canada.

As a reporter he has covered a wide variety of topics. He covered conflicts, starting from Sri Lanka’s separatist war to two conflicts in Afghanistan and a brief coverage of Kurd-Turkish conflicts on the Syrio-Turkish border.

In politics, he has covered the advent of the first Right Wing Bharathiya Janta Party in India and the Reformasi uprising in Malaysia when Anwar Ibrahim was jailed. In Pakistan he was stationed in Islamabad during the turbulent period when the country saw the Prime Minister’s post change hands seven times ending in a military coup.  

In Canada he has managed multi-lingual Television newsrooms for Omni TV and also worked as a Producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

He has also been on the frontlines as a manager helming change as traditional newsrooms painfully made the transition to Digital First.

In Sri Lanka, Arjuna has worked for Rupavahini as a News Producer, as Editor of the Ceylon Daily news and Director Editorial at CeylonToday.

Currently he runs the political news start-up

Arjuna is a certified journalism trainer specialized in visual storytelling and has trained journalists at the Sri Lanka College of Journalism, the Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development in Malaysia and the South Asia Media School in Lahore, Pakistan.

He is also a regular columnist whose work has appeared on, Time Canada, the New Straits Times Malaysia, CeylonToday in Sri Lanka and Global Integrity. 

His main interests are politics and cricket, both of which he does not practice at any level but loves to report and comment on.