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At RepublicNext we strive to be the dominant news source for politics in Sri Lanka, providing verified information through non-partisan journalism, telling significant and impactful stories that creates an informed public.

We will cut through the noise of politics and bring you clarity focus and fairness.

We will unpack the news and tell you where these statements are coming from and what that information means to you.

We are not biased towards any political formations and we will speak truth to power.

We are committed to a Sri Lanka where all her peoples, whatever language they speak, religion they follow, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation can live and flourish in peace and harmony.

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Nisali de Silva

Dreamer. Rainbow chasing.

Interests: Literature, History and Travelling Twitter

Imesh Ranasinghe

Proud Thomian, hoping to see a Sri Lanka without discrimination,

Interests: History, World War 2, Cricket Netflix lover Twitter